My grandma’s reaction to Hans’ betrayal. I love it.


everyone’s reaction to Hans’ betrayal.

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bedhead game so strong you be wakin up lookin like an anime protagonist 

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that I’m serious when I say I’m always here for people that need it. if you’re going through a hard time and want someone to talk to I’m here for anyone, even if we’ve never talked before. I’m so serious about this, you can do it anonymously just to vent. please just don’t do anything serious

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One time during my freshmen year of college I forgot to do a history paper that was worth 20% of my grade and the teacher didn’t accept late work, so I waited until the professor handed back the papers and angrily asked where mine was. The teacher felt so bad for losing it he let me re-do the entire paper and gave me an A-

You fucking champ

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fat isn’t an insult skinny isn’t a compliment they’re just words describing body types please drill that in your heads

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What if humans had wings and the feathers were the same color as our natural hair color but we could dye them different colors if we wanted to or add glitter and there were salons dedicated to wings where we could get them preened and colored and there was a whole section of fashion and health dedicated to wings and work-outs designed to make your flight muscles stronger for endurance or speed and and and


Dude, what are you on? I want a hit.


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That is my best friend, her name is Moriah, she’s 13, and she’s a lesbian. She grew up a christian, her parents are super religious and try to keep her on a tight leash. 

She’s also the most caring, loyal person I know. But she has zero self confidence and her parents are to blame.

Lately Moriah has been growing into herself more, and finding out who she really is. Like when last year she told me she liked girls and that she was dating someone out in Ontario. 

The thing was that her parents could not find out while she still lived with them, or else, honest to god, her life would be ruined. So she had a spare FB, multiple locks on her phone so no one would see her text plus conversations with her girlfriend. She’s been doing this kind of thing for years, and I know it’s not exactly safe, or smart, but if was the only way she could be herself instead of her parents ‘perfect little god fearing daughter.’ 

Last night, she accidentally left her spare FB open on her mothers laptop, and at 10pm her dad stormed into her room and got her to come out into the living room for a ‘little chat’. This little chat turned into her parents deciding she was possessed by a demon, and forcefully holding her down on the floor while they ‘prayed’. Just because they found out she liked girls they decided that it couldn’t be their daughter. They hurt her, and when she started having a panic attack they thought it was ‘the spirit speaking to her.’ 

This is not okay. But apparently to them it was because she’s their daughter and they can do whatever they want to her. They hired a hacker to get into her normal FB account to read her messages and view her photos. They have gone ahead and taken away everything she enjoys doing, and have her on a lockdown. Now they also don’t trust me, because they’re convinced I taught Moriah how to swear. 

Honestly, they believe that they own their daughter. But the fact that they can’t just accept that Moriah likes girls, even if they don’t like it. Deciding she’s possessed is a little bit over the line, and not noticing when someone’s having a major panic attack? Now Moriah can’t talk with her own girlfriend, who gets super panicky herself if she doesn’t hear from Moriah regularly. They’re eachothers support system and they need to be able to communicate. 

Her parents have been doing stuff like this ever since she can remember. When they found out she was depressed and that she had cat, they started hurting her purposefully to ‘get a point across that what she’s doing is wrong.’ No, is someone is depressed it’s not wrong, it’s a problem you should try to help them with and honestly, they were why she was depressed in the first place. Because if she’s not exactly the way they want her, they get amazingly rude and actual bully her, like children. She can’t wear what she wants, it has to be what her mom wants her to wear. (Which tends to be stuff that a five year old would wear.) 

What I’d like to do is get this on a big signal boost. See how many notes this gets and show Moriah’s parents how many people know what they did and think what they’re doing is wrong.  

So please reblog this, to help out a beautiful young lady. Moriah wants to live her own life and not the one her parents have planned for her. 

SIGNAL BOOST THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I honestly don’t feel like notes on this post are going to make a bit of difference to these close minded parents but I am reblogging in the hopes that someone has resources that they can send to the OP and get to her.  That is tantamount to abuse and this girl needs help.  Her parents will probably not give a shit what strangers on the Internet say, but if someone has a phone number for these people to call to help them please please send it to them.  And if you don’t have a number, signal boost so that the resources can get where they need to go.

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Doodled this last night when I was feeling upset, but I feel better now I guess. I missed drawing Mattie..

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